ComSim measures and reports customer perceptions for hight-technology businesses, by conducting B-to-B reasearch. As a third party, we leverage our expertise on your behalf to obtain frank and direct opinions about your products,support services, and other aspects of your customer service. Some of the important business sectors that we handle are :

  • Communications
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Measurement and Analytical instruments
  • Chemical
  • Robotics
  • Mining

  • ComSim becomes an extension of your companys customer service when we interact with your customers. Our interviewers are comfortable in the global business environment.

    To get the best information from your customers, we speak their language — including English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Dutch, Portuguese,Swedish,Russian, Chinese,Simplified,Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Arabic,Czech,Hindi,Hungarian,Norwegian,Polish, Danish,and Turkish —and we listen attentively and objectively. While we can engage your customers in a professional manner in telephone surveys, we can also conduct online surveys as well.

    We help you in aswering questions such as:

    Why did we lose a sole?
    Wos our weekend support available as promised?
    Is there potential future business?
    How did our field engineer relate to our customer?
    Did the ports order meet expectations?
    How can we improve our training offers?
    Would you recommend our company?

    ComSim recommends a survey approach that is right for you and your customers.Each survey is unique to the company's business and designed to provide exactly what is needed to address specific concerns Our periodic reports enable you to keep track of the process of your surveys, as well as call out any spikes and troughs in the result