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SatisACTual-The Real Time Solution for Customer Issues

Know your customers’ perceptions in real time. When a customer survey is completed, the results are entered into a real-time web portal called SatisACTual™. SatisACTual also provides the capability to listen to the actual interview recording.

Real-time status, notification and alerting are features of SatisACTual. SatisACTual provides a closed-loop capability for learning of customer issues, addressing them, and providing solutions. SatisACTual responses to surveys are searchable, downloadable and available 24/7.

SatisACTual can notify users when a response meets pre-set criteria, such as a low rating, a response from a key account, company, or a particular product. When the results fall within pre-set parameters, it can be used to escalate cases requiring attention by another level of management. Responding to the alert within a set time and resolving it will prevent the case from being escalated. Customer issues can be followed via SatisACTual, which includes a log for tracking and closing issues.

Set Criteria
This is the first screen that displays after logging in.
This page is used for selecting surveys to view. All fields shown are part of the criteria for filtering or selecting the surveys. Fields with no entries are ignored. Once the criteria have been entered for each field, clicking on View Data will search all surveys. Those surveys which fulfill the criteria will be shown. The process selects the surveys with answers that match those in “Show Surveys That Have These Answers” fields, and then surveys are filtered against the additional conditions shown under “Limit Viewing To Surveys…”. When no criteria are established, that is, if all fields are empty, selecting “View Data” will show all surveys.

View Data
This page presents the surveys to be viewed using the criteria established. Each of the four Hide-Show segments presents different information about the surveys. The survey responses are shown in chronological order. Survey results cannot be modified; they may be viewed only. Contact Information provides the relevant information about the particular case involved. This information may be used to follow-up with the person who completed the survey should it be necessary to further investigate the results of the survey. Survey Data provides all the answers to the survey with the date and time when it was completed.

View Listing
Instead of viewing the survey results sequentially on the “View Data” page, the User may view the results in a listing format on this page. Also, a button to download the data to an Excel file is available.

Set Alerts
An e-mail alert can be sent as notification that a survey was completed that met certain criteria. The criteria for sending the alert are established on this page. When a survey is completed the results will be examined to determine whether it fulfills the criteria. If fulfilled an e-mail is sent that contains the contact information and answers to the survey questions.

Data Sending Scheduler
SatisACTual will send an E-mail of all newly completed surveys to a defined User on a time schedule basis. The new surveys will be in an attached file. The format of the file will be the same as shown in “View Listing”.