Question Types

  1. Rating – These questions can ask the degree of satisfaction or the quality of service or product on a pre-defined scale.
  2. Open-ended –ComSim uses open-ended questions to ask for suggestions for improvement, product ideas, and competitor comparisons. Customers are more comfortable with open-ended questions later in the survey. Topics can be coded in order to tabulate them.
  3. Multiple choice –Multiple choice questions work well in web surveys, where the respondent can see all the choices. They can be used in telephone surveys if the choices are not too lengthy.
  4. Binary – Yes/No answers are an example. These are frequently used to determine the survey path; for example, “Did the field service technician solve the issue on the first visit?” If the answer is no, the next question can ask about the total length of time before the issue was resolved.
  5. Ranking – These questions are used sparingly to measure such concepts as preference or importance.
  6. Follow-up – These questions are posed in order to obtain greater detail and clarity. Elaborations by respondents often provide the narratives that support their rating choices. These are a hallmark of ComSim interviews.