Project and phased surveys

Project and phased surveys are administered at predetermined milestones in a project or at certain points in a continuing customer relationship. The same persons may be interviewed at each stage, or there may be several interviewees. Long-term projects may have multiple milestones during the execution. Phased surveys often include questionnaires for:

  1. Pre-sale/Sales
  2. Design/Engineering
  3. Execution/Installation
  4. Handover/Start-up
  5. Warranty
  6. Product Quality

When there is an ongoing project, in addition to work quality, timeliness, technical skill, and adherence to regulations and agreements, there is strong focus on the relationship that builds between provider and customer. Topics that these surveys cover include responsiveness, understanding of needs, management of suppliers and field personnel, openness and honesty, and handling of ad hoc issues, as well as willingness to recommend.