ComSim enables you to capture the sentiment of your customers via three channels – Phone, Web, and Hybrid surveys, each with its own set of advantages:

  1. Telephone surveysoffer the benefit of human contact and personalized follow-up questions. These are especially effective for customer responses, because respondents can reply with minimal effort. Since these surveys are initiated by the interviewer, the response rate can be managed. Voice recordings are possible. The telephone medium works well with short surveys.

  2. Web surveysare conducted with large populations simultaneously and assure uniformity of the survey. They allow for the inclusion of logic, graphics, links and references and can accommodate long surveys and a variety of rating scales. They require the respondent to proactively decide to take the survey, and there is effort involved in entering verbatim comments; thus the response rate and volume of comments vary.

  3. Hybrid surveysare used to take advantage of the benefits of both methodologies.

  4. Web followed by telephone – When an email invitation does not result in a completed survey within a pre-determined time period, ComSim can attempt to interview the contact by telephone.

  5. Telephone followed by Web – When a number of attempts to reach a contact by phone yield no success, an email invitation to do the survey online can be sent.