Lost Sales Surveys

Discovering the reasons behind an unsuccessful sales experience requires objectivity. An interview of the prospective customer by a third party will provide candid responses. Questions cover the sales process including communication, proposal, the customer’s evaluation of it, the ease of doing business, the competitive advantage of the selected provider, and the potential for future business. The lost sales survey serves as a subtle message of goodwill and often discovers there is still opportunity for a sale where none was thought to exist. Characteristics of a lost sales survey are:

  • Brevity – few questions
  • Many opportunities for verbatim responses
  • Comparison with your competition
  • Consideration for future business
  • Suggestions for improvement
    The lost sales survey can help illumine the sales process inputs and their outcome. It gives the customer perspective and points up necessary improvements that avoid repeating an ineffective approach or communication. A lost sales survey may uncover future selling opportunities and keeps your company in the mind of the prospective customer.