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When I need to measure customer satisfaction, what should I do?

Though survey types and media vary, the steps in planning for survey activity are consistent.
ComSim can present this process in an informational web meeting.
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ComSim’s survey process is straightforward and maximizes the actionable information you receive from your customers.
Whether a client chooses a telephone survey, a web-based survey or a hybrid, responses can be viewed in real time
using ComSim’s real-time portal SatisACTual™.

Writing the questionnaire

First ComSim will listen to you to understand your business goals, customer interfaces, business process and topics you propose to cover.
Incorporating this input, ComSim will take the lead in formulating the questions.
ComSim’s expertise in this crucially important part of the survey will assure that you consistently get the answers you need.
You will benefit from our experience in benchmarking performance, determining customer expectations, measuring customer loyalty, and discovering opportunities for improvement.

Determining sample size and frequency

Your sample size and survey frequency should be appropriate to your customer type, the survey purpose, the size of your customer base as well as your budget. Using statistical methods that express margin of error and percentage of certainty, ComSim will advise you as to how many of your customers should be interviewed and how frequently to sample. For low numbers of customers, a census survey of the entire population may be advisable. Monthly or quarterly surveys are appropriate when an organization has a large customer base and frequent contacts, such as for technical support.
Less frequent surveys are appropriate for a small customer base or fewer customer contacts, as well as for corporate image or product quality studies.

Determining survey method

Are your customers reachable by telephone?
Do you have their email addresses?
Are they desk-based or field-based?
Where are they located?
What languages do they speak?
Answers to these questions will help determine which method is a fit for your customers.

Providing the customer list

Your company will supply an electronic file listing recent customer contacts. ComSim respects your customer relationship and treats all client information as highly confidential. If you have customers who order frequently or who receive service from your company often, ComSim filters your list to avoid contacting individual customers too frequently. It is essential that your list be up-to-date and accurate. A typical format for a list of customers to be interviewed is an Excel file with fields such as Customer, Contact Name, Telephone, Location, and specific information about the project, the order, or the service event.

Interviewing your customers

ComSim becomes an extension of your company’s customer service when we interact with your customers.
Our interviewers are comfortable in the global business environment.
To get the best information from your customers, we speak their language — including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean — and we listen attentively and objectively.
While we can engage your customers in a professional manner in telephone surveys, we can also conduct online surveys as well.
Your customers appreciate being asked for their perceptions, and they are open and candid with us as a third party.
ComSim follows government guidelines for providing the means for a respondent to remain anonymous.

Reporting the results

Our own customers tell us that their favorite part of ComSim reports is the elaborations section, where their customers’ comments are captured verbatim.
Open-ended questions provide insights that may not surface in the everyday business process but which may point up opportunities for personnel, product or process improvement.
Our clients also appreciate the timeliness and clarity of our reporting.
Our report formats are easy to read and include quantitative and qualitative responses.
Graphs and charts are designed specifically for each of our corporate customers’ reporting needs.
A summary chart shows all responses. Trend, gap and Pareto charts make it possible to see progress and areas for improvement.
ComSim does not editorialize or advise regarding the results of your survey.
ComSim surveys can fulfill the customer feedback requirement of ISO guidelines.
Our report becomes your management tool. To see an example click here.