Corporate Image Surveys

Wise management will include a corporate image survey at appropriate provide the “bigger picture” of the business – to evaluate what it is, what it does and what it is aspiring to become. These surveys are done less often than event-based surveys – usually no more frequently than annually — and may seek input from several quarters including customers, competitors, managers and other employees and the general public. Corporate image surveys address:

  1. Awareness and perception of the organization, providing a baseline or a reality check
  2. Reaction by customers, employees and competitors to a recent innovation, acquisition,event or campaign
  3. Opinion of the company in response to advertising and/or coverage by the media
  4. Standing and reputation of the organization in the global marketplace
  5. Level of recognition of the company name and brands
  6. Company values, strengths and weaknesses as perceived by customers, employees and the market in general
  7. Client expectations and concerns Results from corporate image surveys provide anespecially valuable tool for sales, advertising, marketing and communications purposes.