Customer Feedback Online Reporting

CFOR™ is ComSim’s paperless system for reporting, tracking, and resolving customer Issues. It is a web-based process that integrates the aspects of defining, assigning, analyzing, tracking and resolving all Issues that are reported.

The steps in the process are:

  1. The person who has experienced or who has knowledge of a problem reports the Issue online.
  2. The system alerts the appropriate QA manager to the new entry.
  3. The QA manager, using CFOR, assigns an Owner to be responsible for diagnosing the situation and finding a solution that resolves the issue.
  4. The Owner may investigate the issue personally or, using CFOR, delegate the work to an Analyst, who performs the detailed analysis of the issue and defines a solution for the Owner.
  5. The resolution must be fully acceptable to the QA manager before the Issue is closed.

Features of the process:

  1. QA oversight of Issues
  2. Rules-based, integrated approach
  3. E-mail alerts for key activities
  4. User viewing of all Issues
  5. Audit trail of all events per Issue
  6. Search-ability on all fields


  1. Faster resolution time
  2. Searchable Issue Database for future reference
  3. Efficient use of personnel
  4. Improved customer satisfaction
  5. Cost avoidance