ComSim is a high end Market Research and Analytics firm with the ability to record responses on customer satisfaction surveys from customers anywhere in the world, in their local language of business, by telephone or via the internet.  We focus on delivering Actionable Insight, through our tool SatisACTualTM, which captures responses in real time, and presents periodic reports directly to the client.

Professionalism is our way of business, and we hold the trust of our clients for the last two decades, with our commitment to confidentiality.  We are known for our responsiveness, nimbleness and the ability to customize, with quick results. Since 1993 ComSim has been providing timely and accurate customer perceptions to high-technology organizations worldwide.

Data is analyzed and reported according to the specifications of clients. Project design expertise, engineering know-how and multi-cultural understanding are key strengths that have propelled ComSim’s success.