Frequently asked questions

Why would we have ComSim conduct our surveys instead of doing it ourselves?

Don’t monkey around with your customers. You need professional know-how. Besides, each of your staff already has a job and can be easily diverted from carrying out a secondary or ad hoc responsibility. ComSim’s only focus is customer knowledge. Our professional organization has the experience necessary and assures objectivity. And, above all, customers are more comfortable responding to a third party and will give frank and honest answers.

Why do you use telephone surveys?
When are web surveys appropriate?
How do I know what to ask?
Do I create the questions, or does ComSim create the questions?
How often should I survey?
How do I know what is important to our customers?
Which customers should we include?
What kinds of reports can I get from ComSim?
How fast can I get results?
Should I choose real-time feedback?
Will ComSim make recommendations in terms of the data that is presented?
How do I know how loyal my customer base is?
Does ComSim perform a benchmarking survey?
What are the kinds of surveys that ComSim conducts?
Can ComSim interview our global customers?
How do I know which kind of survey to use with my customers?
What are my costs involved?
What does ComSim need from us to start the survey process?
How do I learn more?